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Investment Opportunity

As part of the many services that NWCRC, Inc. provides, we are proud to assist in funding numerous companies in drug, biologic, diagnostic, and medical device development. We take pride in developing the technologies for the future from the ground up. Take a look at our current featured company and a BP/ES for companies who will be changing the landscape of healthcare for the future, and/or contact Jeff Taylor at: jtaylor@nwclinicalresearch.com


Let Us Introduce the New Technology:

From Dr. David Frank at the Dana Farber Cancer center we have his 11 repurposed compounds for the inhibition of STAT3. These are the compounds we would file with the EMA/UK/USA/India for the treatment of cancers in combination with our diagnostics and the Gx-C3 platform.

Dr. Tony Frudakis, our Chief Science Officer and renowned human geneticist talking about our new technology in an interview.

Richard Gabriel, COO, of GLG Pharma

Our 60 second animated video on the Gx-C3 technology and Ovarian Cancer. With our partners we are targeting 6 additional cancers. Breast being the next one.


From a highly skilled scientific team with more than a hundred years combined experience comes a breakthrough discovery for the immune system. A growing number of case studies show ImmunoPterin has the ability to relieve the pain and suffering from debilitating conditions, without adverse side effects. Click for more info.


Oncology Immunotherapy is the new approach as discussed at ASCO: From UCSD Moore Cancer Center, VAXENTA:::Immunotherapy the latest cutting edge approach toward the treatment of cancer

A Naturally Occurring Product for Arthritis and The Treatment of Influenza- Be A Part of It

A Spinoff from the prestigious Moffitt Cancer Center

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