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Introducing A Spinoff from the prestigious Moffitt Cancer Center

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GLG Pharma is a spinoff of the Moffitt Cancer Center.  We have been in operations since August 2010. We licensed from the Moffitt 51 STAT3 inhibitors that might be useful in several hyperproliferative conditions. One repurposed drug that was found to be a potent STAT3 inhibitor was licensed from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and 10 additional repurposed drugs are also available to us for licensing. This repurposed drug (GLG-801) is in PhaseI/II studies in patients with CLL at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Cancer, renal disease (polycystic kidney disease [PKD]) and psoriasis are our major areas of interest. GLG Pharma’s patent portfolio includes coverage of 52 compounds in 4 chemical classes, 11 re-purposed drugs and a diagnostic patent.

CANCER: The cancer program has 3 compounds in preclinical development.  GLG-302, our lead compound has been selected by the PREVENT program of the National Cancer Institute to be tested as a preventative anticancer therapy. This program started last September and is progressing quickly. The NCI in France is also interested in GLG-302 and we can get a 450,000 Euros matching grant provided that we conduct clinical trials in France. An IND can be filed in about 8 months from funding. An additional $500,000 matching funds are available to us.

PKD: Two of our STAT3 inhibitors have been tested in animal models of PKD. The data look very good and there is no FDA approved drug for patients with PKD. Tolvaptan was studied in PKD and presented to the FDA Advisory Committee last August but was rejected because of toxicity. Thus we could bring to the market the first drug for these patients.

PSORIASIS: We also have a compound with Proof-of-concept clinical data in patients with psoriasis, and are ready to initiate Phase II clinical studies in a patented topical formulation.

What we are seeking is equity investors to procure $12 million to advance to Phase II one of our development candidates.  Completing Phase II, is traditionally the time that a company will partner with a large pharma company.


If you have an interest in hearing more on how we will be producing changes in the landscape of healthcare for the future and need to know more, contact us.



Direct call (mobile):  (253) 709-2924

Office:  (360) 802-1076

Skype:  jeffrey.t.taylor.dmd


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A Company Previewing 52 Patents from Moffitt Cancer Center

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46732 248th Way SE
Enumclaw, WA 98022

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